Subsidy Sale Of Essential Commodities

From olden times during Festival seasons like Onam, X-Mas, Bakrid and Ramzan, Consumerfed successfully intervenes in the market and control the possible price hike by selling some of the essential commodities, which are of high demand during festival seasons such as rice, chilly, sugar; coconut oil etc at subsidised rates through the special festival markets.

 The year 2007 witnessed an unprecedented price hike for essential food items. To combat this Consumerfed at the direction of Government conducted subsidy sale of 21 items of essential commodities through the noble scheme.

“Sahakarana Vipananam Keraleeyam” which helped to bring down the prices. The process continued by running  69279 special retail outlets in the festival seasons that followed and providing Government subsidy worth 600 crores to the customers. When there was scarcity for rice and prices were at the peak in open market we have balanced the market position by selling rice at moderate rate brought from Bengal through special wagons.

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